Bush’s Beans Commercial Song 2016 – Backyard Party Time

Bush's Beans Commercial 2016

Bush’s Beans Commercial 2016

Bush’s Beans promote their famous canned beans with a 30-second commercial featuring a backyard party, where Bush’s Beans are one of the main parts of the menu, alongside burgers, hot-dogs, pickles, corn and others.
The spot, titled “Backyard Party Time”, has an entertaining song on the background, with the following text:
“Backyard party time
We’ll have to get together
Your place or mine?
’cause this is
Backyard party time
Bring all your friends
And we’ll have a good time
Nothing feels as good
No, it doesn’t give much better than here with you”.
The voiceover says: “From Bush’s Baked Beans to Bush’s Grillin’ Beans. No matter what you’re making, we’ve got the variety to keep your backyard filled with flavor all season long. Backyards were made for Bush’s”.

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