Bounty Paper Towels Commercial 2016 – Allyson Felix

Bounty Paper Towels Commercial - Allyson Felix

Bounty Paper Towels Commercial – Allyson Felix

Allyson Felix has proven she’s quicker than other Olympic sprinters on the track. But she needs Bounty Paper Towels to be quicker than her dog, Chloe, on her home turf. The American athlete stars in a new commercial for BountyBrand, using Bounty Paper Towels to clean her pet’s mess.
In the 15-second spot, the voiceover says: “To win at the Olympic Games, Allyson Felix needs to be quicker than everybody. To win at home, she needs to be quicker than…(her dog, Chloe, is shown). That’s why Allyson Felix uses Bounty, the quicker picker-upper. Bounty is faster and two times more absorbant. Bounty, the quicker picker-upper”.

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