Commercial 2016 – Jordan & Chelsea – Road Trip Commercial 2016 Commercial 2016 new ad campaign includes a series of commercials featuring Rebel Wilson and Keegan-Michael Key promoting the wide range of accommodations provided by the booking website.
In “Jordan and Chelsea’s Wedding” series, the “Road Trip” ad stars the two actors preparing themselves for a road trip to attend the wedding of comedians Chelsea Peretti and Jordan Peele.
Keegan-Michael Key is shown arriving at Rebel’s house in a 1978 gold Camaro Z28 convertible and showing her their road trip itinerary, including a “bunch of different places”. Rebel, who walks out wearing a black&white tuxedo and swinging nunchucks, throws away the heavy itinerary, saying that they are going to wing it and “rip to shreds” every hotel, teepee and cabin on the way there.

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