BBC One Documentary – Koko: The Gorilla who Talks to People – Trailer Song

BBC One Documentary - Koko: The Gorilla

BBC One Documentary – Koko: The Gorilla

Koko, the world’s most famous gorilla, is the subject of a documentary showing how a science experiment started 44 years ago turned into a unique friendship.
In 1971, Koko was a new-born gorilla in San Francisco Zoo and the woman who is now her best friend, Penny Patterson, was a graduate student at Stanford University, fascinated by ape language experiments. She decided to try to teach Koko sign language and today Koko is known as the gorilla that communicates with people using this type of language.
The documentary, including both scientific record and home video, features a wide variety of moments spent together by Penny and Koko, such as teaching sessions, birthday celebrations and meeting new friends.
“Penny was in love with Koko in the way in which a mother might be in love with the daughter” – is one of the statements made in the documentary titled “Koko: The Gorilla who Talks to People”, scheduled to air on BBC One, on Wednesday June 15, from 8.30pm to 9.30 pm.

Trailer Song: Imagine Dragons – It’s Time

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