AARP Commercial 2016 – Staying Sharp

AARP Commercial - Staying Sharp

AARP Commercial – Staying Sharp

The latest AARP’s commercial, launched to promote their Staying Sharp program, features a dialogue between a middle-aged man and the AARP’s CEO, who informs him about the possibilities offered by the membership organization for seniors.
The man, seated at an office, says “I’m like a sponge for this stuff. I can learn it, get it, sell it. I can do this job in my sleep better than some people can do awake. I just want to make sure this brain stays in hyper drive”.
The next scene features Jo Ann Jenkins, AARP CEO, saying: “Hey, we hear you. That’s why AARP created “Staying Sharp”. It’s more than brain games, it’s a personalized 360º approach to brain help with assessments and tools that can help you keep your brain sharp. You don’t think this is right for me when you think AARP, then you don’t know AARP. Get to know us at”.

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