VIZIO SmartCast Commercial 2016 – Uprising

VIZIO SmartCast Commercial - Uprising

VIZIO SmartCast Commercial – Uprising

Vizio Smart Cast latest commercial shows a woman at home with a group of children, that she has to keep under control.
A female voice in the background expresses the woman’s thoughts: “In stature they are small, yet in numbers they are strong. Fortunately, with the power of Vizio SmartCast I can search shows and movies on everything from Hulu to Vudu, and with the sound of my voice and a touch of my finger I can squash this rebellion before it becomes a full-scale sugar-induced mutiny. There will once again be peace in this household”.
The 30-second ad ends with a male narrator saying: “An ultra HD display with tablet remote that lets you find your shows faster with voice search. Behold, Vizio SmartCast.”

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