Sprint Network Commercial – The Mission

Sprint Commercial

Sprint Commercial

One month after MetroPCS’s “Say Bye-Bye to Sprint” commercial, Sprint launched a new commercial to say that their LTE network is now more reliable than ever.
“America, the Sprint Network is now more reliable than ever and I’m on a mission to prove that it’s the fastest. I’m travelling the country betting anyone and everyone that Sprint is faster than their network and guess who’s winning: the guy with a trailer”, says the Sprint employee in charge of this mission.
“I bet my space suit for that slightly over-sized jacket”, he says to a guy wearing a denim jacket before running a test on their Internet speed.
“Sprint wins”.
“That was fast”, says the guy with the jacket, who run the test and lost the bet.
“Ya, Sprint’s killing it”.
At the end, the narrator says: “Sprint LTE network is now more reliable than ever, so why overpay for wireless? Switch to Sprint and save 50% on most rate plans. If we don’t win you over in 30 days, we’ll refund your money.”

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