Orbit Gum Commercial 2016 – Anthem

Orbit Gum Commercial 2016

Orbit Gum Commercial 2016

Title: Orbit Gum – Anthem

HP: “Greatness isn’t just defined in singular moments. They are defined by the preparation, diligence, and patience in the work that you’ve put in. Will you be ready when it’s your #TimeToShine? Seize your moment with Orbit Gum”.


You can’t predict destiny. That’s the beauty. Love appears on idle days, not just Valentines’s Day. In empty buses, not in horse-drawn carriages. Opportunity has many disguises. Some are discreet, some are flashy. Sometimes it even comes disguised as failure or boredom. These life-changing moments have nothing to do with the stars, magic or luck. They are up there. Floating. Drifting. Hiding. Sometimes in plain sight. There for the taken, up for grabs, but once they arrive, you’ll recognize them in a heartbeat. And trust me. You’ll be ready. Time to shine.

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