Hulu Series 2016 – The Path

Hulu Series 2016 - The Path - Aaron Paul

Hulu Series 2016 – The Path – Aaron Paul

Hulu promotes the new TV series The Path with a 30-second ad, called “Watch More The Path – Lie Less”, that features Aaron Paul, one of the actors in the main role.
Approached by a “fan” in a fast-food with the line “Hey, Aaron Paul, I love your show The Path”, the actor asks him how far long he is. The man says, without hesitation, that he’s seen every episode, which is actually a lie that he admits, in his thought, a few seconds later when Aaron Paul asks him a question about a situation from the series.
Hulu advises viewers to leave the acting to the actors and to start their free trial as there is a whole world of TV and movies just waiting to be discovered.
The Path, a new series debuted on March 30, 2016, follows members of a fictional religion known as Meyerism. The main characters are Eddie Lane (played by Aaron Paul) and his wife, Sarah (played by Michelle Monaghan), who face obstacles in their marriage when Eddie no longer believes in Meyerism.
Along Aaron Paul and Michelle Monaghan there is Hugh Dancy, as well, who stars as the cult’s stand-in leader, Cal Robert, that is also a struggling alcoholic and sexual predator.

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