HBO Series: Ballers Season Two – Trailer Song

HBO Series: Ballers - Dwayne Johnson

HBO Series: Ballers – Dwayne Johnson

Ballers returns this summer on HBO, with season two. The new 18 episodes of the American comedy/drama TV series centered around a group of football players and their families, will be broadcast starting July 17.
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is back on his (main) role as Spencer Strasmore, a former football player who starts, after retiring from the game, working as a financial manager for current players. The other cast members, such as Rob Corddry, John David Washington, Omar Benson Miller reprise their roles, as well, in Stephen Levinson’s production (who created also Entourage and Boardwalk Empire).
The first season, which received generally positive reviews from critics, has aired also in Canada, Italy, UK and Australia.

Trailer Song: Ty$ – All Star feat Joe Moses & DJ Mustard


I got all this money
Bout to leave with all these b..ches
To cure that
She can have all these hundreds
But I wanna see some a.s see some t.ti.s
Make that shit bounce
Turn a young up
Pop one of these and wash it down
How you like me now
Rose bottoms up in VIP smoking up a cloud

Tell me what the fu.k you gon do
With a young like me with so much dough
YT in a bentley
I know what you’re gon do
Soon as she see me
She gon drop it low
She gon pick it up
She gon back it up right here on me

I’mma knock I down like I’m hittin free throws
And I’m gettin money like I’m playing for the pro’s
She used to the rookies but I’mma all star all star
Throwin hundreds out the sports car sports car
All out all out all out..
All out it push.z inc baby

I drunk all this bose bout to get started on this
To cure that
Got more peso then jose
Man ven aqui chupa mi pito
Turn a young up
Baby don’t trip it’s just drugs
Now girl lets bump
I ain’t talkin bout the dance
I’m talkin bout gettin f.ked up


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