GameStop Commercial 2016 – Double-sided Doom Poster

GameStop Commercial 2016 - Doom Poster

GameStop Commercial 2016 – Doom Poster

The latest Gamestop’s commercial for double-sided Doom posters does not lack humor at all.
The 30-second ad starts with a scene in a GameStop store, where an employee is trying to make a shelf on a wall. He gets to the conclusion that he can’t finish it and decides, together with a colleague, to cover the hole he made with a poster.
The funny part comes in the next scene: a part of the respective poster, dual-sized, is seen by those who are in the neighboring room, a dentist practice. Scared by the image covering the hole, the dentist, his assistant and the patient scream as loud as they can. You all can imagine what happens with the tools in the patient’s mouth.

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