Be Smart Mobil Werbung Lied – Hände ans Steuer, Augen auf die Straße

Be Smart Mobil Werbung

Be Smart Mobil Werbung

Title: Be Smart!

HP: “Die Kampagne ‘Be Smart! Hände ans Steuer – Augen auf die Straße’ ist ein gemeinsames Projekt des Automobilclubs Mobil in Deutschland e.V. und der TÜV SÜD AG und die erste bundesweite Initiative ihrer Art in Deutschland, die ein neues Bewusstsein für verantwortungsvolles Autofahren schaffen soll”.

Song: Tim Mcmorris – Give Our Dreams Their Wings To Fly


Walking down the sidewalk, kickin my feet
As I’m movin’ to the music, step to the beat
I, woke up today, and canceled my plans
And I stepped right outside, with my guitar in my hands
And the notes became alive, as the sound caressed the air
And I kicked it up a notch, as I strolled without a care
Cause I’m going down the road,to a brand new place
And I’ll get there With a smile on my face, yeah

So lift me up, I’m moving on
Singin and dancin’, while I play my song
Yeah, I’m having a good time, keepin it going
Come on clap your hands and won’t you sing along
And now lets take it up high, high, high
Give our dreams their wings to fly
Gotta keep the fire, and keep the fire burnin’
Keep the hope alive, you gotta keep it turning


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