Adidas Commercial Song 2016 – Mayra Aguiar

Adidas Commercial 2016 - Mayra Aguiar

Adidas Commercial 2016 – Mayra Aguiar

Title – Mayra Aguiar: Speed Takes Willpower

HP: “For Mayra Aguiar, it’s not enough to know everyone else trusts her. She has to trust herself. For her, every day of training is another day to get stronger, both physically and mentally. She tells herself she can win. She will win. Speed takes willpower. Aguiar is a creator of speed”.

Commercial Song: Pete Cannon – West


Since I was young I had this desire to want more. I was always competing to exceed my limits.
During a competition I clean my mind. I focus only on what I need to do. My movements, my speed of thought.
If I lose focus for one second, I can lose a fight.
It’s not enough that everyone trusts me if I don’t trust myself, so I tell myself that I am the best, I am going to win.
The mind is everything when you are competing.
My opponent can be more prepared technically than me, but I will have more willpower and my mind is going to be
a lot stronger.
The Brazilian people are very excited, they are very emotional, I feel they are really with me, everyone is fighting together.
Whenever I compete, I compete to win, and I won’t be happy with any other result.

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