Weight Watchers SmartPoints Commercial 2016 – Sisters

Weight Watchers SmartPoints Commercial

Weight Watchers SmartPoints Commercial

Title: Weight Watchers – Gracie and Annie

HP: “Gracie’s a planner. Annie goes with the flow. The Brand New Weight Watchers experience lets them live their healthiest life the way the each want”.


This is my sister Gracie. She’s a planner.
This is my sister Annie. She goes with the flow.
Gracie’s always trying to get me to eat green things.
Annie’s always trying to get me to try new things.
We’ve both been on Weight Watchers and now they’ve totally changed it up.
I like that this new plan encourages me to eat healthier.
I like that it lets me eat my favorite foods.
SmartPoints has really helped me. I’m now down 37 pounds.
It helped me too I’m down 40. Just sayin’.

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