twofour54 Abu Dhabi Commercial 2016

twofour54 Abu Dhabi Commercial

twofour54 Abu Dhabi Commercial

Title: Make it at twofour54

twofour54 is a tax-free media and entertainment free zone based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates that facilitates the development of Arabic media and entertainment content in the region.

HP: “Make it a goal. Make it a passion. Make it a career. From apps, games and web development to blockbuster films and more,
world-class partners are making their ideas a reality from Abu Dhabi”.


Do you want to make it?
Them make it talk. Make it sing. Make it funny.
And teach kinds their ABCs.
And make it a show. Make it the most-watched show ever.
If you’re going to make a movie, make it a blockbuster. Just like that.
Make it online. Make is social. Make it successful. Very successful.
Make it your life. Make it your passion.
Make it your career.
Make it big. Make it the biggest thing you’ve ever done. Make it at twofour54 Abu Dhabi, the home of media and entertainment.

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