Tostitos Commercial 2016 – Telenovela

Tostitos Commercial - Telenovela

Tostitos Commercial – Telenovela

Frito-Lay came up with an original commercial to promote their Tostitos chips and dips. Created as a sneak peek into a soap-opera called Botanas del Cielo, the ad starts like a soap-opera.
The narrator welcomes the viewers to “a land full of hunger” and anticipates the drama the spicy chips can generate.
“Welcome to a land of hunger. The spiciness. Drama”.
The next scene shows an old lady accusing a younger man that he dipped the chips twice into the sauce.
“You double-dipped”, says in Spanish the lady to the man.
“No, I didn’t”, answers the latter.
“Yes, you did”.
The narrator continues the presentation of the soap-opera: “Shirtlessness. And babies with beard. Tostitos Cantina takes you to a place so hot, so steamy, you will never want to leave. Welcome to Botanas del Cielo.”
The Tostitos chips are promoted as “Snacks from Heaven”.

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