Purina Beneful Commercial 2016 – Running Mates

Purina Beneful Commercial - Benny and Phil

Purina Beneful Commercial – Benny and Phil

Title: Purina Beneful – Running Mates

HP: “Voters and pollsters couldn’t predict Benny’s #ElectionDay announcement! #BennyandPhil”.


Purina Beneful presents the ad “Running Mates” with the already famous Benny and Phil.
Phil, I’m excited to announce that I’m running this year, says Benny.
You’re running this year? You haven’t run in four years, answers Phil a little bit surprised.
Well, I’ve decided this is what is right for me, right now.
Wow, well, if you’re running, I want you to know you have my support. I’m right there, behind you.
Phil, I couldn’t be happier to hear. What do you say? Once around the house, ha?
Let’s do it. Let’s run around the house. I’m going to chase you.
Not if I chase you first.

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