Morrisons Advert Song 2016 – Doughnuts

Morrisons TV Advert 2016 - Doughnuts

Morrisons TV Advert 2016 – Doughnuts

The latest commercial for Morrisons shows a conversation between a little girl and her dad, who has one of his legs put in a plaster cast.
The man rests on the couch, watching TV. When his daughters enters the room, he puts his cup of coffee away.
“Hello, love”, he says smiling at the little one. She has a plate with a doughnut on it in one hand and her cuddly teddy bear in the the other.
“Just checking how you are, daddy”, she says taking a seat next to him, on the couch.
“Oh, I’m fine, sweathart, I’ll be better once this thing comes off”, he adds showing the plaster cast.
“I’ve got the last doughnut”, says the girl, looking at the plate and then at her dad.
“Have you now?”, comes dad’s next question.
“And mommy says we’ve got to share it”, she continues looking into his dad’s eyes.
The man’s face is glowing with delight, thinking that he will eat half of that delicious doughnut.
“She said that?”, he asks smiling.
“So half for me”, says the girl taking a bite from her half, “and half for Mr. Bampin”, she adds putting the plate in front of the teddy bear.
Her dad remains speechless. He then smiles thinking about the funny situation he’s been put in.
Family. Morrisons Makes it.

Song: Will Young – Joy

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