iPhone 6s Commercial – Onions

iPhone 6s Commercial - Onions

iPhone 6s Commercial – Onions

Title: iPhone 6s – Onions

Hp: “4K video on iPhone 6s makes whatever you shoot look amazing. Even onions”.


Girl: I like it.
Brother: Wait, you shot that?
Girl: Your sister shot this?
Brother: She calls it, “Onions”.
Girl: It’s beautiful.
Journalist: And it’s just an onion.
Journalist: Put this on our homepage now. People need to see this.
Professor: The rules of cinema have changed.
Woman: This is the work of a major artist.
Boy: I heard she shot the whole thing on an iPhone.
Man: I’m going to make a movie about snap peas.
Boy: Whos’s going to watch a movie about snap peas?
Woman: Con I have three tickets for “Onions”, please?
Boy: This was like seeing the onion on a molecular level.
Agent: This is talent! Why are we not representing it?
Woman: Now I know the truth.
Professor: 4K on an iPhone, wake up people!
Agent: That’s poetry.
Neil Patrick Harris: And the winner is.. no surprise here, “Onions”.

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