Huawei P9 Commercial 2016 – Scarlett Johansson & Henry Cavill

Huawei P9 Commercial - Scarlett Johansson

Huawei P9 Commercial – Scarlett Johansson

The latest Huawei’s TV commercial has Scarlett Johansson and Henry Cavill as protagonists. The two actors own Huawei P9 smartphones and don’t miss any chance to take photos of what surrounds them and send them to each other.
In the 30-second video, Scarlett Johansson shows off a slim figure in a pair of denim jeans and a tight denim shirt. Her blonde locks are covered by a black hat, that renders her mysterious and sexy.
Huawei P9 is designed to “reinvent smartphone photography” with its dual-lens 12 megapixels camera, allowing users to achieve professional photographic effects and access a powerful array of unique functions.

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