H&M World Recycle Week Commercial Song 2016 (M.I.A. – Rewear IT)

M.I.A. - H&M World Recycle Week Commercial

M.I.A. – H&M World Recycle Week Commercial

Title: H&M World Recycle Week featuring M.I.A.

HP: “Join H&M and M.I.A. for a celebration of sustainable style, culminating in World Recycle Week from 18-24 April”.


We must set the world on a new course.
See the environmental problem is real.
.. to solve climate change..
This is the most important issue of our generation.
We are all part of the solution to climate change.
We can’t wait for someone else to take action.
There are things we can all start doing that together can make a big difference.
Join a global fashion movement for the planet.
World Recycle Week April 18 – April 24

Song: M.I.A. – Rewear IT


Regenerate, regenerate..
Regenerate the nation

Cause this generation
We rewear it..

North, south, east, west
Everybody there
Water, water, water, water
Where me water there?
Need to breathe, need to breathe
This bubble needs some air
Need to get some air

Fresh and clean like January
Here’s that credit itintery
Playing that game, get your referee
Victory is necessary
Hide your ones like bitchionary
But, you know me
I keep it clean
I don’t like doing things I don’t really mean
That’s my team, sport or win
We don’t give a f..k ’bout reppin’ green
Kicking down the doors, get your scene
I’m going to be your chick supreme

Make you scream for the dream
Do it clean, spin your wheels
I stitched your seams, sew what you mean
So what if I want a world to gleam?
Part of the team, you’re part of the theme
If you want change, then you gotta go in

Cause this generation
We rewear it..

Reset the rhythm, we don’t walk away
Reset the rhythm
Regenerate the nation..

Cause this generation
We rewear it..

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