GO Outdoors TV Advert Song 2016 – Go There

GO Outdoors TV Advert 2016

GO Outdoors TV Advert 2016

Title: GO Outdoors Summer 2016 TV Advert – Go There

HP: “Themed around Pet Shop Boys’ iconic Go West song, the advert not only uses the popular tune but showcases just some of the activities you can do using products available from GO Outdoors”.

Song: Pet Shop Boys – Go West (Cover)


Together – We will go our way
Together – We will leave someday
Together – Your hand in my hands
Together – We will make our plans

Together – We will fly so high
Together – Tell all our friends goodbye
Together – We will start life new
Together – This is what we’ll do

Go West
Life is peaceful there
Go West
In the open air
Go Wes
Where the skies are blue
Go West
This is what we’re gonna do

Go West, this is what we’re gonna do
Go West

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