Gatorade Commercial Song 2016 – Letters – Dear Peyton

Gatorade Commercial 2016 - Peyton Manning

Gatorade Commercial 2016 – Peyton Manning

Title: Dear Peyton – Gatorade

About – Gatorade pays tribute to the Peyton Manning using his own letters.

Cast: Jon Scott, David Cutcliffe, Tony Dungy, Brandon Washington, Chris Mortensen, Archie Manning,
Pam Frenzel, Jeff Saturday, Eli Manning, Demaryius Thomas, Brandon Stokley & Derek Jeter.


Jon Scott: Ah, there it is.
David Cutcliffe: This is the thank you letter I received right when he was leaving college.
Pam Franzel: This is a letter my husband and I received after our son, Tyler, died.
Jeff Saturday:This is a letter I’ve got the year that I retired.
Eli Manning: Uh, after I was drafted.
Demaryius Thomas: This is what Peyton wrote to me right before the Super Bowl.
Jon Scott: I hope this letter finds you well.
Pam Franzel: I was looking at some pictures yesterday and it made me think of you.
Tony Dungy: We’ve had a wonderful seven years together.
Jeff Saturday: It has been an honor to call you a teammate for thirteen years.
Demaryius Thomas: I am grateful for your love and support, and I know you have my back.
David Cutcliffe: I feel like we’ve had a special bond.
Derek Jeter: It has been a privilege to watch you play over your career and I’m honored to call you a friend.
Tony Dungy: You did it the right way.
Brandon Stokley: And I knew that you loved to win and hated to lose with the same passion as me.
Archie Manning: You know that I’ve always looked up to you.
Jeff Saturday: To play as long as you did, and at such a high level is incredible.
David Cutcliffe: You’ve taught me alot
Derek Jeter: I’ve great respect for your work ethic and team-first attitude.
Tony Dungy: It wasn’t always easy.
Chris Mortenson: Some things you just can’t control. It’s ok.
Jeff Saturday: You’re the best teammate I could ever ask for.
Brandon Stokley: It was an honor to play with you in Indy and again in Denver.
Demaryius Thomas: To be Broncos together.
Eli Manning: Brothers.
Chris Mortenson: It’s been a great ride, keep grinding.
Brandon Washington: I wish you all the best in the next chapter of your life.
Eli Manning: Congratulations again.
– Tell the family hello.
– Love you pal.
Eli Manning: I’m proud of you.
Demaryius Thomas: Sincerely.
Pam Franzel: Sincerely.

Commercial Song: Bob Dylan – The Times They Are A-changin’

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