boohoo TV Ad Music Summer 2016

boohoo TV Ad 2016

boohoo TV Ad 2016

Title: boohoo TV Ad Summer ’16

HP: “Style so on-point that you’re certified insta queens or does your off duty cool take not so basic to the next level? We’re searching for the ultimate style squads that give us major outfit goals all day, everyday”.

HT: #WeAreUs

Song: Dua Lipa – Hotter Than Hell


He calls me the devil
I make him wanna sin
Every time I nod, he can’t help but let me in
Must be homesick for the real
I’m the realest it gets
You probably still adore me
With my hands around your neck

And you keep on going, yeah
Cause my kiss falls down you like some sweet alcohol
Got a hunger for you, yeah
It’s the darker side of me that makes you feel so numb

Cause we’re hot like hell
Does it burn when I’m not there
When you’re by yourself
Am I the answer to your prayers
And I’m giving you the pleasure of heaven
And I’ll give it to you

Hotter than hell
Hotter than hell


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