AT&T Commercial – Jordan Spieth

AT&T Commercial - Jordan Spieth

AT&T Commercial – Jordan Spieth

HP: “See how AT&T keeps Jordan Spieth connected to everything he cares about. This is Jordan’s network, the network of AT&T”.


Jordan: What do you see?
Caddie: I like left edge.
Announcer: AT&T’s network takes care of Jordan so he can take care of business.
Man: I emailed you a video of your swing analysis.
Woman: Hey Jordan, don’t forget its aunt Kathy’s birthday.
Man 2: Check out Romo throwing this laser.
Tony: People say it’s more like a missile than a laser, really.
Man: Oh, your new clubs are here.
Delivery person: I got a shipment for a J. Speith.
All: It’s Spieth!
Delivery person: Huh, looks like Speith.
Jordan: Speith.
Announcer: With AT&T – Team Spieth stays connected to what’s important.
This is Jordan’s network – the network of AT&T.

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