April Fools’ Day Jokes: Hulu Datr

Hulu Datr

Hulu Datr

Title: Now Introducing: Hulu Datr


You’ve tried other dating sites. You know all you need is that one perfect partner. But it’s though out there.
“Going on dates is a hassle”, says a young girl seated on her couch. “What to wear, what to do, what to talk about”.
With Hulu Datr you can find the one without getting dressed up, leaving your couch or even talking. Sound good?
The ad continues with two couples talking about how they met.
“The same night I opted in, he showed up at my door. It was like ordering a pizza”, says Cathy, a young woman brought together with X thanks to CSI series.
“I mean, I looked everywhere for that special someone. Turns out I should have just stayed in”, says Veronica.
Here is how it works. Our designers interviewed thousands of long-term married couples and determined the number 1 factor to romantic longevity is compatible viewing preferences.
Once you opt into Datr, we create your profile based on what you like to watch, and where and when. That tells us
everything we need to know in order to find your perfect partner.
“So it doesn’t matter what I look like, what I do for a living or who I normally date?”, asks the girl sitting on the couch.
Exactly. We match you entirely on your viewing habits. The Datr app even features romantic extras, so that you could
optimize your date watching experience. We do all the work so there’s no way you could sabotage your own happiness.
Looks promising, says the narrator refering to the picture of a guy that the girl found on Hulu Dater.
The guy from the picture shows up in front of the girl, with a bunch of flowers, naming the season 4 of TV series
“The Mindy Project”.
“It’s super easy to use”, says Cathy’s partner.
“We watch Seinfield. He does a great Elaine. He does a great Elaine dance”, says Veronica about her boyfriend.
“Ya, I love Elaine”, answers the man.
“I was out there saving the whales, marching for peace, chaining myself to trees”, starts Amanda the story of how she met Rachel.
“And then we started watching the Criterion Collection”, continues Rachel.
“And I just don’t care anymore”, says Amanda, laughing.
Jhey talks about her relationship with Sam, started thanks to South Park.
“We actually haven’t met yet in person. But I know he is the one”, she says.
So sign up for Hulu Datr and you will find the one. We guarantee you.

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