Apple TV Commercial 2016 – Father Time – Kobe Bryant and Michael B. Jordan

Apple TV - Kobe Bryant and Michael B. Jordan

Apple TV – Kobe Bryant and Michael B. Jordan

Title: Apple TV – Father Time

Featuring: Kobe Bryant and Michael B. Jordan

HP: “The new Apple TV. Siri and apps make it easier than ever to find and enjoy whatever you’re looking for”.


Kobe Bryant: Siri, open the NBA app.
Announcer: Here he is over Jackson..
Kobe: See that? That’s the guy you’re playing in this movie.
A cold-blooded assassin.
Michael B. Jordan: Locked in a battle with Father Time.
Kobe: Exactly. No, what?
Michael B. Jordan: Like a hero.. On the verge of a steep decline. it’s perfect!
Kobe: There’s no decline.. It’s all ascension.
Michael B. Jordan: So what part of you hurts the most?
Kobe: I don’t know, what does it matter to you? You’re playing young Kobe.
Michael B. Jordan: Oh, they didn’t tell you. I’m playing you all the way through now.
I mean, with makeup and prosthetics and stuff like that.
Siri, play “The Curious Case of benjamin Button”.
Kobe: I’ve seen this movie.
Michael: No, no, no. Fast forward 20 minutes and 36 seconds.
It’s genius.
Now, that’s the guy I’m playing in this movie.
Kobe: Get out of my trailer.
Michael: What?
Kobe: Get out!
Michael: Okay. You got it.
Kobe: That’s not your plum.
Michael: Nope. It’s not.

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