TWIX Commercial 2016 – All-Nighter

TWIX Commercial

In the Left Twix factory, an employee comes to the owner and asks, after working extra-hours:
Sir, do you think we’re almost done? Those silly guys are asking.
No idea. But if Right Twix is going to be over there cascading caramel on cookie all night, we’ll be over here flowing caramel on cookie all night. They are not going to slip ahead of us on my watch.
Another employee gets closer and asks:
Wouldn’t it be funny if they were working late just because they thought we’re working late?
The other employee and the owner start laughing out loud. The owner of the Right Twix and two asistants are also shown laughing out loud on the other side of the window. The owner of Right Twix says:
They’re not that stupid.
Twix, try both, pick a side.