TV Licensing Excuses Advert 2016 – Abducted by Aliens

TV Licensing TV Advert - Abducted by Aliens

TV Licensing TV Advert – Abducted by Aliens

Title: TV Licensing Excuses 2016 – Abducted by Aliens

A black bird talks to a snail.
– Hi. I’m here about your TV licensing and fees.
– Oh, ya, of course, what about them?
– Why haven’t you paid them?
– Oh, haven’t you heard? I was abducted by aliens, man, so I’m not paying my fees until the Government takes me seriously.
– Right.
– Ya, they… they… they abducted me right… yesterday. They took me in the outer space.
– I see.
– Ya. And then… So if you… So I have to wear these hats so they don’t read my thoughts.
– Sounds very exciting.
– Exactly. It was like… the snail makes some strange noises. And then… it makes again strange noises and movements. Hup wow. It was crazy. Oh, and they told me not to pay my fees.
– Were they, you know, in a small ship?
– Ya.
– Lots of legs?
– Ya, lots of legs, man.
– Many eyes?
– Ya.
– They have wings?
– Ya. They looked kind of like you, man.
– Ya, right.
Real Life Excuses 2016, brought to you by TV Licensing.

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