The Algorithm: Brute Force (2016) – Tracklist

The Algorithm: Brute Force (2016)

The Algorithm: Brute Force (2016)

Brute Force is an upcoming third studio album by The Algorithm, scheduled to be released on April 1st, 2016.

HP: “This album features 46 minutes of next-gen metal blipblips inside 10 tracks, including a collaboration with the mighty Igorrr and a re-re-re-remix of trojans, which defines by itself the groundbreaking genre that is dankmeme-core”.


01. Boot
02. Floating Point
03. Pointers
04. Brute Force
05. Userspace
06. Shellcode
07. Hex
08. Deadlock (Feat. Igorrr)
09. Rootkit
10. Trojans (Hard Mode)

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