Sloggi EverNew Commercial Song – Nina Agdal

Sloggi EverNew Commercial - Nina Agdal

Sloggi EverNew Commercial – Nina Agdal

Title: Sloggi – EverNew Nina

HP: “We are very proud to present Nina Agdal in our newest promotion video for our lifetime warranty Sloggi EverNew. We love her approach to life, and this fits with our slogan: Feel Your Freedom”

Song: Casimer & Casimir – O Sweet Joe Pye


O Sweet Joe Pye come on by to my house
On the second block of Trenton
It’s the white one with the side-steps
That my grandpa put in

Saint John, heather, timothy, and teary-eyed Queen Anne
Come around through the back way
’cause there ain’t been a fence up
Since the old garage burnt down

How high can you go?
Could you shimmy up the front door
Shutter up our windows
And hide the grey peeling paint on the front of the porch

How high will you grow?
Could you careen the filigree between the rust & the railing
With out failing on me

I know it looks bad, Dad
But I wouldn’t say such things
I wouldn’t say such horrible things, no
Please go or I’m gonna
Yell for Joe
I know that this was once your home
But you let the weeds take over
And now it’s all over

Sweet Joe Pye
Could you keep ’em outside
The mean kids across the street
And every passerby
With judging eyes

They’ve got me telling little lies
And giving bad directions
Can’t your leafage block their vision
O rise up for me

Sweet Joe Pye

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