Renault Samsung SM6 Commercial Song 2016 – Beyond Driving

Renault Samsung SM6 Commercial

Renault Samsung SM6 Commercial

Title: Renault Samsung SM6 – Beyond Driving

About – Renault Samsung Motors (RSM), is a South Korean car manufacturer headquartered in Busan.

Commercial Song: Andreya Triana – Gold


Oh darling no
This heart is free
A brand new day
Is at my feet

And I’m singing low
Low and sweet
Giving more soul
Give it all to me

It all feels like gold
Gold to me
Might not be diamonds
But it shines for me

It all feels like gold
Gold to me
It will last in silence
It’s all good to me
Singing yeah yeah yeah yeah

Simple things
That light me up
What a beautiful world
And I see the love

In everything
And everyone
When I’m digging softly
Ooh the tide will come

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