Public Health England Advert Song 2016 – One You

Public Health England TV Advert

Public Health England TV Advert

Title: Public Health England – One You

HP: “We’re encouraging adults to make small changes to improve their health by taking the new online health quiz How Are You”.


Let’s talk about you.
There’s the ‘morning’ you.
The ‘maybe tomorrow’ you.
The ‘lunch at your desk again’ you.
There’s the ‘just a couple to unwind every night’ you.
The ‘pile it all on’ you.
And the ‘settle for the night again’ you.
Which could lead to the ‘these used to fit’ you.
The ‘give us a minute love’ you.
The ‘heart disease’ you.
Or the ‘Type 2 diabetes’ you.
So how about the ‘enough is enough’ you?
The ‘no more of these’ you.
The ‘I’ll start to chuck some of this in’ you.
The you that goes ‘woo’.
That’s why One You is here. To help start the fight back to a healthier you.
Because there’s only one you.
And we want it to be the best you, it can be.
Take the One You helth quiz to see how you score.
Search One You.

Song: The Communards – You are my world


There is nothing boy that can stop my course
I will hold you tight never let you go
Tomorrow’s party will never end
Like a bud in spring our love will bloom and grow

Your eyes to me are precious stones
On a face that’s made of a solid gold
When I hold your hand I want to cry
And your loving arms to protect me from the could
You are my world

The soul inside now belongs to you
I’m drowning in a love so deep
We will overcome those ups and downs
So happiness is forever ours to keep

I will follow you to the end of time
I will be the blood flowing through your veins
I will ride with you till the end of the line
You will be my everything, my world

You are, you are, you are, you are
Oh boy, you are my world

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