Progressive Insurance Commercial – Box’s B-Side

Progressive Insurance Commercial

Progressive Insurance Commercial

Title: Box’s B-Side

The main protagonist of the commercial is an animated box called Auto Insurance, that is shown first giving autographs in a bookshop. In the meantime, it says: “Life at Box’s B-Side is great. People love me for saving them over half a grant when they switch to Progressive”.
The next scene shows Auto Insurance on a stage, giving a speech. “It was board game night when Dalai Lama, a great guy, terrible place….”.
A new scene comes in, with Auto Insurance in a music studio, registering a song.
The last scene takes place in a TV studio, where Auto Insurance is the guest. It says “It’s a balancing act, but I gotta give the people what they want: more Box”.
“Any words for the critics?”, asks the presenter.
“What can I say? Critics gonna nig”.
“What?”, asks again the presenter and the commercial ends.

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