PlayStation Vue Commercial 2016 – Escape

PlayStation Vue Commercial 2016

PlayStation Vue Commercial 2016

The latest commercial launched by PlayStation shows a city where an IT company, Coaxial Corp., has monopoly and forces the inhabitants to renew their contracts.
“All contracts are binding. You must comply”, says a voice over a microphone, while on the TV screens appears the message: “Renew your contract now”.
A man is shown looking out the window and trying, in the same time, to give a phone call. He changes his mind and decides to run away, so he jumps out on the window and gets down in his attempt to escape the Coaxial Corp. employees. One of the latter notices the man and announces his colleagues: “We’ve got a runner”.
An entire crew gets mobilised to chase him, but he manages to escape thanks to a woman that helps him by showing him a secret path underground. When they get out, they see a green forest and a wonderful view ahead of them.
A voice in the background says: “Better TV starts now”.

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