Michael Kors Maliblues Commercial Song 2016 – Set Your Sights

Michael Kors Commercial 2016

Michael Kors Commercial 2016

Title: Michael Kors Maliblues – Set Your Sights

HP: “Ask anyone in Hollywood – the one accessory with the power to completely transform your look is a pair of sunglasses”.

Song: Matt Nice – Cadillac Swag (feat. Tassho Pearce)


They call me Matt
I aint the best, but Ima rap in the best tone
I’m a fan of feeling my next song
If you wanna track, here’s a clip to get def
Turn the music up and let your feelings get swept home

Everybody’s telling me to get next known
So maybe I should hit it hard
And swing for the fence, yo
Maybe with a couple of singers, singing the next dope hook

Next we could be rocking the fresh dope
Look like dope chilling in a cadillac swag
Pumping on the brakes on the beach side we fly
Two satellite bars getting fcd up
Dance like we don’t care

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