Hotwire Commercial 2016 – Nude Beach

Hotwire Commercial 2016

Hotwire Commercial 2016

Title: Hotwire Near Death

HP: “There’s a a voice inside your head, begging you to go somewhere. Anywhere. That voice is reminding you that adventure is out there, so take that three-day weekend! Can you hear it? It says, ‘Get out there and meet new people, eat some stuff, and see all of the things!’ Hotwire can help you listen to that voice. Tap into your slightly adventurous side, and book that trip”.


You’re about to get hit by a bus.
You’ve never been to that nude beach in Monterey.
You’ve never felt this free.
You’ve never been so brave and so unsure of where to put sunscreen.
You could have done it all with Hotwire and saved up to 60% on a Heartbreak Hotel room.
But now you have got a second chance. Let’s get naked!
Be slightly adventurous.

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