Harley-Davidson Commercial 2016 – Live Your Legend

Harley-Davidson Commercial - Live Your Legend

Harley-Davidson Commercial – Live Your Legend

The latest commercial published by Harley Davidson is not only with advertising purpose, but also with a motivational one.
Named “One Day”, the 30-second ad is a spur for people not to wait to pursue their dreams and “live their legend”.
The commercial starts with a boy who abandons his toys when he hears hid father returning home on the motorcycle. He takes his small American flag helmet and runs out to take his trycycle and ride for a few meters next to his dad.
The voice in the background says: “A lot of people say they’re going to live their dreams one day. By one day they usually mean when their kids will grow up. If you wait until then, your kids will miss the lesson. Live your legend”.

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