GEICO Commercial 2016 – Walter the Basketball

GEICO Commercial - Walter the Basketball

GEICO Commercial – Walter the Basketball

Title: Courtside: Walter the Basketball

HP: “Walter the basketball adds his color commentary to the basketball game”.


Exciting game so far, Chuck.
Ahh, yes, the name’s Walter, that’s OK.
Ask me anything about basketball. I know all there is.
Nass sets up a three.. he’ll mahe it I know he will.
Ohh, he bricks it!
See, I told ya he was going to miss it.
This game is brought to you by GEICO.
15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
Well everybody knows that.
And tell ’em how the slam dunk originated al a donut shop in Albuquerque.. I thikk.
GEICO. See how much you could save.

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