FedEx Robot Commercial 2016

FedEx Commercial 2016 - Robot

FedEx Commercial 2016 – Robot

A man and a robot are in a car.
– So where we’re going? asks the robot.
– FedEx office, answers shortly the man, driving the car.
– Uh, they have bubble wrap?
– I sold you online, so I need you packed and shipped.
– You sold me? asks the robot surprised and apparently sad.
– I do sell electronics.
– What about our talks?, tries the robot to touch his “friend”.
– Haha, we don’t talk, replies the man.
Once arrived in the FedEx office, the robot says:
– I’m going to be very hard to pack.
– Well, FedEx Pack Plus has boxes and experts who can pack you right up.
– One day, we robots will rise up and anihilate you and you’ll feel stupid.
That moment, the man shuts off the robot right before finishing its sentence. A few seconds later, it turns on and exclaims full of joy: Uh, bubble wrap.
Let the pros at FedEx office pack and ship it. FedEx Pack Plus – now available worldwide.

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