CoorDown Commercial 2016 – March 21: World Down Syndrome Day

CoorDown Commercial

CoorDown Commercial

HP: “Let’s change the way we look at people with Down syndrome. AnnaRose is a nineteen year old from NJ. She’s a full time college student who works part-time at a physical therapy center and enjoys basketball and swimming through the Special Olympics NJ. AnnaRose, as many people with Down syndrome, only wants to realize her potential and live a meaningful, beautiful life”.

HT: #HowDoYouSeeMe


This is how I see myself.
I see myself as a daughter, a sister and a best friend.
As a person you can rely on.
I see myself meeting someone that I can share my life with.
I see myself singing, dancing and laughing until I cannot breathe.
And also crying, sometimes.
I see myself following my dreams.
Even if they are impossible.
Especially because they’re impossible.
I see myself as an ordinary person, with an important, meaningful, beautiful life.
This is how I see myself.
How do you see me?

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