Britain’s Got Talent 2016 – Promo ITV

Britain's Got Talent ITV 2016

Britain’s Got Talent ITV 2016

Britain’s Got Talent marks its return to ITV with a new promo that sees the team of judges (Simon, Amanda, Alesha and David) and the hosts, Ant and Dec, taking viewers into a magical fairytale world.


Once upon a time, there were a bus driver, a group of dinner ladies, a dog, who was hiding the greatest talent ever. Then one day, flash, bang: a Fairy Godmother appeared. And with a puff of smoke, a spring colour fairy dust, a simple phone call.
They’re on their way to Britain’s Got Talent. The audition began. And as soon as they opened their mouth, patters fly out, on skateboards, diving through flaming hoops.
It was truly a moving performance. It was just so graceful. I didn’t just like it. I loved it. Midway through.
I stopped them. He gives them a glass sliver, a pair of Rolex case, the golden button.
Now that’s a Cinderella story. Who will have their happily ever after.
Britain’s Got Talent returns on ITV.

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