B&Q TV Advert 2016 – Zebras

B&Q TV Advert - Zebras

B&Q TV Advert – Zebras

Title: B&Q TV Advert 2016 – Let’s Create Colour

The 31-second TV advert published by B&Q introduces Fred the zebra, talking about his experience with B&Q.
“My parents are fans of colour. And there you go, I was black and white”, he says while sitting on the couch, in the living room of his apartment, wearing a blue suit, blue tie, blue shoes and red socks.
“So when I got my own place, I was very excited”, he continues his story, recalling the moment he went to B&Q to buy the necessary items for his new home. “I heard B&Q could match any colour. They’ve got a paint for everything and a huge range of wallpaper. Amazing! The result: pretty fabulous!”, he exclaims enthusiastically and proudly from the center of his living room.
Let’s create colour. B&Q. Let’s create!

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