B&Q TV Advert 2016 – Claire & Billy The Beavers

B&Q TV Advert 2016 - The Beavers

B&Q TV Advert 2016 – The Beavers

After Fred, the zebra, B&Q introduces Claire and Billy the beavers in their latest TV advert.
“We like to keep busy”, says Claire.
“Our home won’t improve itself”, adds Billy.
“Luckily, B&Q has pretty mind-blowing prices”, says again Claire.
They are then shown going to B&Q to buy various items.
Claire continues her speech by saying: “I mean, we got 8 tins of Dulux with only £10. Oh, and they got price codes on all their laminate flooring. They also have special offers on wall tiles”.
The commercial ends with Claire joking: “Anyway, must crack on”, with a driller in her hand. Billy trembles and almost spills his coffee when she turns on the machine.
Go to B&Q and let’s create more for less.

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