Pig TV Advert 2016 – Truffle Hunting Pig TV Advert Pig TV Advert UK has launched a 30-second advert called “Sniff out a place for your passion”, that starts with a man who digs for truffles in the ground, next to a pig.
The voice in the background says:
“Truffles, you crave them and the only cure to search for that perfect b&b when you can dig like a pig”.
On the screen it is then shown how you can search on a destination and an activity that you want to carry out there, such as “France, Truffle Hunting”.
The voice continues by saying:
“And a scenic terrace where you can dine with one. Whoever you are, whatever you seek, it all starts here.
The man is shown enjoying truffles at a table from a beautiful terrace. The black pig from the beginning appears again, waiting near the man’s table to receive a piece of truffle. The quadruped gets lucky; the man is generous and shares his part. Booking.yeah.


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