American Eagle Outfitters Commercial Song 2016 – Doug

American Eagle Outfitters Commercial - Doug

American Eagle Outfitters Commercial – Doug

American Eagle Outfitters introduces men in underwear to spread the message that “the real you is sexy”, in the #AerieMAN campaign.
Matt, Kelvin, Devon and Doug gave up inhibition and accepted to appear wearing only briefs in the American retailer’s ads to explain that being an AerieMan is being comfortable in your skin.
Doug talks about his experience as a AerieMan.
“Hi, my name is Doug. I’m a health nut and now officially an AerieMan. I’ve always liked to be in my underwear. It makes me feel more free, just genuinely who I am. There are lots of people that don’t like the airbrushing and photoshopping and they enjoy to see what’s real. It feels kind of empowering to feel that my flaws are going to be embraced. I think you need to listen to yourself and do what feels good. The real you is sexy”.
The 38-second ad shows him only in underwear, carrying out various activities, such as enjoying a sunbath,
reading a book about healthy food in his bed and stretching in his living room. The interview for American
Eagle Outfitter is given also while wearing nothing else but underwear.

Song: Warm Speakers – Waves

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