Amazon Echo Alec Baldwin Commercial – Ping Pong

Alec Baldwin - Amazon Echo Commercial

Alec Baldwin – Amazon Echo Commercial

The “Ping Ping” commercial for Amazon Echo starts with Alec Baldwin and his friend Jason Schwartzman playing ping pong.
“Bring it”, says Jason, prepared to hit.
The ball gets so fast in his field that he remains speechless.
“How did you do it?”, he asks surprised. “You didn’t even move your hands”.
“It’s all in the wrist, Shwartzie”, comes the answer from Baldwin.
“Allright, another game”.
“Alexa, what time it is?, asks Baldwin to Amazon Echo.
“It’s 5.43 PM”.
“I got a table meeting at 6 o’clock. Alexa, how’s the traffic?”, he asks again.
“The fastest route is 45 minutes to downtown”.
“C’mon, Schwartzie”, Baldwin says and they go together on a motorbike.
Before leaving, Baldwin changes his mind and asks Schwartzman to get the bicycle.

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