Always Infinity Commercial Song 2016 – Stephanie Labbe

Always Infinity Commercial 2016 - Stephanie Labbe

Always Infinity Commercial 2016 – Stephanie Labbe

Always brings in the international goalkeeper Stephanie Labbe in their latest commercial in order to promote the new Always Infinity.
The 30-second ad starts with Stephanie on the field, asking: “Because I’m a woman do you think I’m going to crack under pressure or conquer the field?”
The narrator says: “Defy expectations any day of the month, with Always Infinity. Made with flexfoam, feels like nothing. Absorbs 10X its weight”.
“Can I stay calm and in the zone? Of course I can”, asks Stephanie.
The ad ends with the slogan “Rewrite the Rules. Always”
The song in the background is not chosen randomly, its lyrics being empowering for women:
“Nothing is getting my way,
There’s nothing that people can say
Cause this is how a woman is made
You know it ain’t gonna stop me now.”

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