Verizon Fios Commercial 2016 – Switch to better

Amy Rutberg - Verizon Fios Commercial

Amy Rutberg – Verizon Fios Commercial

Title: Switch to better

HP: “In this day and age, having slow internet is out of the question. Switch to better internet like Fios and you’ll realize just how much greater better internet can be”.


I do everything on the Internet, but it’s kind of slow. My friend said I should get Fios because it’s the fastest. I’ve just downloaded 600 photos in 60 seconds. That’s seriously better. I wonder what else could be better around here.
Switching to better Internet is now easier than ever. Only Fios has the fastest Internet available, with uploads up to 5 times faster than cable. Get 100 Mbps upload and download speeds plus TV and phone for just 69.99 $/month online, with no annual contract.
Switch to better. Switch to Fios.

Actress: Amy Rutberg

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