Toyota Prius Commercial Song 2016 – Hunters

Toyota Prius Commercial 2016 - Hunters

Toyota Prius Commercial 2016 – Hunters

Title: The All-New 2016 Toyota Prius – Hunters

The commercial “Hunters” for 2016 Toyota Prius starts with a TV news presenter, relating the escape of the four bank robbers from the commercial “The Longest Chase”, who used an all-new 2016 Toyota Prius to run away from police.
“For the past 27 days, four men have outfoxed and simply outlasted authorities by making their getaway in a Prius”.
A policeman is then shown in a police section saying that “this game ends now”. “Cat versus mouse is now cat versus panther”. “And we are the petty. To catch a Prius you gotta be a Prius”.
“They will never see us coming”, a detective says to the policeman-in-chief, after running some tests on a Prius turned into a police car.
“Except for the lights on top, sir”, comes the reply.
“All right”.
The commercial shows then a chase on the highway, that ends with a Prius police car getting closer to the Prius used by the bank robbers and with Toyota’s slogan: “Let’s Go Places”.

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